Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Humiliatrix

From the Notice Post on Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Humiliatrix - New film from True Ginger Productions Curt Dovgal

With a cast of 11 and 2 extras covering 5 scenes. The Humiliatrix follows the descent of Dax Rahl into boy toy service through various humiliating episodes culminating in one very large group scene. This was shot in 5 locations across SL.


Blog Link:

Full Movie on PornHub:

Notices, April 25

~FROM ERIN'S MEOW~ Erinyes Celestalis

!!Boobie Tuesday!!

Eeny Meeny Miney ...Both! with Mr.Dai and Charles Parker

Tripping the Light...with Louise Kristan-Faulds

Hope you ALL had a day as good as mine! PuRRrRRzzzzz...
erin =^.~=

Topless Tuesday: "Tighten your nuts, mister?" Aria Horan

from the pages of Popular Mechanics,

FEED Elenamicheals Core

A very nawty pic with the gorgeous sexy Terrance
Love and licks Rachel Swallows (and I did!)

Lustful Needs.... Deka Teardrop

Lustful Needs New pose with Ryann Hendrassen, Thank you Ryann for posing for me :) I hope you all enjoy there's a few extra snaps in there 1st link is solo Titalizing pic of yours truly ;p

kisses, licks, sucks & Fucks
Your Dirty Little Girl
Moonie ♥


TITS TUESDAY (o).(o) Teganmalone

Candy Kane  Missemily23

Our 6th Princess of Porn!!!
She is now a finalist in the King & Queen of Porn Pageant
Photos by: Racheal Rexen

Voting is still open for May's Prince & Princess  and well always need new contestants!!!

Party Alert! Elenamicheals Core

It's Tuesday Night Fever and halftime at The Topless Tues Party. Come shake your moobs and boobs at The Fornicatio Club at Swallows Nest with me Rachel Swallows, your host, and the delicious DJ Moonie. (oh and Be on the pole, she will hit me if i dont say) Pornstar parties are a great way to meet your fellow models, actresses, photographers and directors, so get yourself seen. Here is your taxi!
Love and Licks Rachel Swallows XXX

PNC-Never Surrender-HTD Alexandria Topaz

Sluts -After the fun Louisered Faulds

Sometimes you just got to be bad!

Louise xx

She has a bounce to her Step Rachelchristine Avro

Laura is playing for Britain in the gold medal game for mixed doubles tennis. She needed a clear advantage and since it was Tuesday removed her top

Working Nights Heatherashford

Heather liked working nights. The pay was good. Her husband worked nights. And, most of all,  she liked...the attention.

New Adult Furniture Review Edvard Taurion

DO Adult Greenhouse - XXX
Original, innovative and ultra low priced, with big adult menu and much more. Read all about it on:

Wild EROTICA Video Dackster

New EROTICA Productions film
Starring: Leanna Mai - Jay D.

Topless Tuesday: "Tighten your nuts, mister?" Aria Horan

My contribution to the celebration of mammarian magnificence.  Hope you like it is much as I do.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Candy Kane

Our 6th Princess of Porn!!!
She is now a finalist in the King & Queen of Porn Pageant
Photos by: Racheal Rexen

Click "Read more" to see Country Candy!!!

Notices, April 24

~FROM ERIN'S MEOW~ Erinyes Celestalis



Studio Series - Topless Tuesday 4-25-17 Heatherashford

Thanks for the many Rez Day wishes and gifts! Love you all. Thank you for your ongoing love and support! 

Love Heather, XOXO

Discovery Elenamicheals Core

A little romantic nudity.
Love and Licks Rachel Swallows XXXX

Happy Ass Monday all!! Court Faith

Beach Bums HAM Rachelchristine Avro

Double fresh Double cute
A Double pleasure is waiting for you
A double great feeling too
These two beach Bums want you!!!

Feeding time Louisered Faulds

Quinn Ying visits Sere and Louise and it becomes one hot time!

Louise x

HAPPY ASS MONDAY Elenamicheals Core

Working hard on the new beach club at Swallows Nest to be ready for Tuesday nights Pornstar Party, but still managed a happy ass pic.
Love and Licks Rachel Swallows XXXX

New Adult Furniture Review Edvard Taurion

[AF] Car Pack 2
3 cars for price of one on promo sale!!! Low prim, big adult menu and much more. Read all about it on:

Studio Series - Mountable Ass - H.A.M. 4-24-17 Heatherashford

When he said she had a "mountable ass," she was sure that was a very good thing.

HAMazon Aria Horan

Well lit where it counts. Dark and dangerous where necessary.

Double Butt Happy Ass Monday Curt Dovgal

Chilling watching the sunset with the sexy Aura

Monday, April 24, 2017

Notices, April 23

A photo session with Graham Collinson x0x0xo

I hope you enjoy it,



The beautiful Whimsical  Court Faith

Elegance is hard to come by these days it seems. Whimsical reminds us how beauty is elegant in it's most natural form.

~FROM ERIN'S MEOW~ Erinyes Celestalis

The Happy Couple ~ CC and Saphire (not porn)

Intensity ~ Continuing the party

Something Sunday ~ Me


Shhh Don't Tell...I've got the hots for you!!  Solidx

Feat: Bibble in her latest pose

New Adult Furniture Review Edvard Taurion

V.M. NIS 2017.
Ultra detailed, fully drivable, with big adult menu and much more. Read all about it on:

Dogstar Pictorial - Traverse Slade  Curt Dovgal

Trav hails from the south in the USA and enjoys erotica photography as well.  Check out his Flickr page after you check out this fine pictorial by Curty Dovgal.

Sci-Ride Yakumo23

Was a slow afternoon... before she come ♥
don't forget to scroll for see more

By the Beach Side 2 Crystal Diabolito

Model: Mera Firelyte

Just second shot to what I recently did...

More Catlike if you tell me

Pose & Editing done by: Mera Firelyte

By the Beach side Crystal Diabolito

Model: Mera Firelyte

Whoever thought Sunday's were a day of rest, they were wrong...

And for one kittycat, she makes the best of it by doing a scene outside on the beach side

Pose & Editing done by: Mera Firelyte

Featuring Rachel Avro Jeffcosgrove

Propped up, featuring Rachel Avro

Just 5mins :/ Yakumo23

Thank you for posing hun, but need more time next time ;p
Don't forget to scroll for see moreeee

Easter Monday Yakumo23

Wanted to share my last week Easter Monday, thank you hun for posing in this 9pics ♥
Scroll for see more :)


New Movie Artful  Zane

Hi all. New Movie featuring Laura Richards and Rachel Avro. Hope you all enjoy.

Gondola....  Damien Godard

Featuring: Jori


Damien Godard

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Notices, April 22

New Adult Furniture Review  Edvard Taurion

VJ-HookUpBar - OmniPotent
Original and low prim, innovative and unique, this is must have item for all. Read all about it on:

do ya do ya do ya want to? Stacia Reinoir

Oh I woke up tonight I said
I've gotta make somebody love me
I've gotta make somebody love me
And now I know now I know now I know that it's you
Lucky lucky you're so lucky

The Porn*Stars Beach Party!!! Zoey Winsmore

Today at 1:00pm SLT, The World Famous Porn✰Stars Beach Party!! With me mixing and spinning the music and Emily hosting.

The party is sponsored by MP Noir, more info at:  Enter the raffle for a chance to win...

LM is included.

Searching for the perfect wave Curt Dovgal

Creamy told Bunni she should come to me and be a good sex doll. So I decided I could have her keep me entertained while I scanned the surf

Model:  ßυииι ℓυνςυメ

PICNIC ORGY Elenamicheals Core

Nothing like a bit of an orgy on a sunny Saturday Afternoon
Whole album
Love and Licks Rachel Swallows XXXXX

Cinderella Heatherashford

The real story of Cinderella is not as pretty as the Disney fairy tail. In the real story Cinderella got tired of not being invited to exclusive parties by elitists. Cinderella soon realized they were ugly and outdated of a fashion she did not admire. In the end she decided her best revenge was to say "fuck them" and move on to her real friends and allies.
 (or so how I interpret the story)

Fuck you very , very much.  Teganmalone

For the morons that judge someone based on the their  groups, the pictures they take, and who they hang around. Know the facts before you spew crap.

Morning fun with Silk Curt Dovgal

Always a joy to wake up to something big, black and hard...

With a little help from a friend Curt Dovgal

Done from an inspirational photo

Model: Zuby Gloom
Model: Sandra

Inspiration here:

Painting Hee... Damien Godard

Featuring: Heechan

Damien Godard

Saving Cock Flakes Alexus Minotaur

After the Public Relations disaster, Sindee, the VP of Private Affairs executes a brilliant plan to save the reputation of Cock Flakes company. What does she has in mind?

me and a friend decided to cuddle and one thing led to another Karazorella Kytori

yeah a friend Jace invited me over to cuddle on his couch and well one thing led to another in a burst of impromptu sex......


Happy Fellatio Friday!!  Jagger Classito

Love & Worship

the beautiful Sydney came over to give me loving kisses and to Worship me in the best way possible!!


Saturday, April 22, 2017

* SL PORN * Saturday BEACH Party!!!

Today, The World Famous PornStars Beach Party!!

Saturday April 22nd, 1pm to 3pm slt on  
The World Famous PornStars Beach: ,
DJ Zoey Winsmore will be playing the music. 
I (Emily) will be hosting.  

 MP Noir is our party sponsor this week!!!
This party 2 raffle winners will each receive a L$1,000 gift card redeemable at MP Noir!!! The raffle is free to enter so there is no reason not to!! The raffle board randomly selects the winner, no voting, everyone entered has a fair and equal chance!!    

Be sure to check out MP Noir Marketplace and In-World Store!!

Enter for a chance to win the a great prizes and party with the biggest 
names in SL Porn!! As always, nudity and naughtiness is encouraged! Most every piece of furniture on the beach has a sex menu, so don't be shy this is a porn star party on an adult sim, the naughtier the better!!
If you are new to porn, parties are made so you can meet others in porn make some friends and help you get cast. There is a lot of comers and goers in porn and the best way to let people like myself know you're interested or still available is to come to parties, I cast people not names, no one casts sight unseen, no one gets discovered or remembered sitting at home, you need to show whether you want to be a part of this community or not!! Parties are a golden opportunity so take it!!! See and be seen!!! Hope you all cum and have a great time !

***NOTE: We want to make this party enjoyable for all, because of the size of the crowd (40+) at this party we ask that everyone be under 110 scripts.  A script counter is set at the landing zone and shows the 10 most heavily scripted avis to help you know if you are one, also  the "Doorman" will be active and give you 8 minutes to reduce your scripts if you exceed the limits before ejecting you. Please, it's just a matter of educating yourself on what script heavy items you are wearing and removing them.
We want to do everything we can to make these parties enjoyable for everyone and reducing lag is a big part of it.

*** WARNING: Naughty pictures will be taken!! So if you're fucking someone that will probably get posted on this blog for the world to see!! Where as if you stay clothed and stand in one spot, the chances greatly diminish!!

Notices, April 21

PNC-Shine bright like a diamond Alexandria Topaz

A. Topaz

TAKE ME Elenamicheals Core

After Terrance's dip in the pool this morning, i thought some sun on his back would do him good.
Love and Licks Rachel Swallows XXXX

New Adult Furniture Review Edvard Taurion

WSS BDSM punching bag-standalone, wall & old
3 versions of necessary gym or man cave item, with great adult menu, fair priced and much more. Read all about it on:

Let me breathe.... Giselehendrix

My Fellatio Friday Picture this week, glad if you like it

Rikki Sixx

POOL FUN Elenamicheals Core

I think Terrance rather enjoyed floating around my pool this Friday morning. Happy Fellatio Friday everyone.
Love and Licks Rachel Swallows XXXX

Mew movie from Inzane Filmz Artful Zane

Hi fellow pervs. My latest movie with the amazing Brea Brianna and Laura Richards. Hope you enjoy.

The sweetness of my love Heatherashford

Hardcore Solidx

Feat: Sᴀмᴀɴᴛнᴀ Dᴇᴍᴏɴɢᴇ

Many thanks at this time. Larry Vinaver

I should like to extend my thank you to all members of the group for your kind words of support following the sudden death at 88 of my father in RL. Although not close I feel that now I have closure on a few things; God bless and love you all and Larry will be back in no time at all:-)) xx